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The Evelyn 190 Centre is set in the heart of lewishm accessible to residents from soutth east London. At the centre we aim to provide clients with exceptional service that covers a rage of areas. We aim to support people from all backgrounds and circumstances.

"Thank you... You seem to be the only person trying to help me out here, to be honest I would of given up if it wasn't for the thought that you was trying to get me the support I truly need, thank you from the bottom of my heart." Anon, London Borough of Lewisham Resident

"I really think that you do a valuable job and service you provide is professional. Your passion and dedication is really assuring. I really appreciate the advice and help you have given me...I sincerely believe the work you do is valuable within our community. Thank you... I would have paid and instructed you to deal with this matter as I think the work you do is second to none." Anon, London Borough of Lewisham Resident

"The main reason for writing to you is to take this opportunity to thank you for your legal advice and support when my case came to court. I am grateful that you were able to provide me with legal guidance at such short notice. Your presence was a great comfort to me. I deeply appreciate your notable passion and alsome interest in the support of me during the hearing of my case. Your professional regard for your client is a hurcanlian credit to your profession which brought about an outstanding piece of work and laid firm ground for me to peruse a claim fir damages of harassment against my former landlady. I have taken up your referral and I am currently in the process of obtaining legal advice to forming a new claim for damages for harassment against my landlady.

Thank you so much for your support. Your work continues to make a important difference in the lives of others." Anon, London Borough of Lewisham Resident

"At a time when most people are self motivated it is good that there is an organisation such as the Evelyn 190 Centre serving the community where people like myself and others, could come and obtain free help or advice, my thanks to you and all the others for your much needed help, and for that I am eternally grateful, and I hope in future should I be in need of further help I could come to you for assistance, long may you continue to do the good work you are doing." Anon, London Borough of Lewisham Resident

"Thank you so much for all of your help, kindness, patience, support and advice through out the Hearing process." Anon, London Borough of Lewisham Resident

"I was very happy with the way you dealt with me else I would have lost my house. Much appreciate. God bless. Best centre I have used." Anon, London Borough of Lewisham Resident

"Evelyn 190 Centre is sent by God." Anon, London Borough of Lewisham Resident

"Your staff are very informed and very professional." Anon, London Borough of Lewisham Resident

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