Opening Times

Monday - Wednesday
09.30 to 12.30
13.30 to 17.00


09.30 to 15.00
(no lunch break)

Saturday & Sunday

About Us

The Evelyn 190 Centre is set in the heart of Lewishm accessible to residents from South East London. At the centre we aim to provide clients with exceptional service that covers a rage of areas. We aim to support people from all backgrounds and circumstances. A multi-purpose advice and Community Centre in North Lewisham.


The Evelyn 190 Centre exists:
To improve the quality of life of people in the borough
To minimise the impact of social deprivation resulting from
unemployment, low income, poor housing and deprivation of all kinds
The Centre believes that rights and responsibilities are inseparably linked and will endeavour to give access to rights and services and enable the Community to fulfil their goals.


To provide direct services to the people of the borough either directly or by supporting other organisations or groups To tackle the causes of poverty and challenge discrimination To provide educational and learning opportunities for people in the borough To enable the local Community to participate fully in the Management of the Centre and to access other decision-making processes that affect the Local Community or alternatively he/she may write to the Chair of the Committee.


The staffs are appointed by and are responsible to 190 Management Committee. The Committee monitors the work of the Staff/Centre. The Co-ordinator's main role is to supervise and support staff. Should any client wish to make a complaint concerning any aspect of the organisation's work, he/she should approach a member of staff. If the complainant remains unsatisfied the Co-ordinator should then be approached in writing or alternatively he/she may write to the Chair of the Committee. | 190 Evelyn Street, Deptford, London, SE8 5DB Made by Lemon Design Agency